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26 February 20182018 Croome Lecture
09 February 2018WW1 Timeline: update January - June 1918
19 November 2017Praetorian: Rome's Imperial background
04 October 2017Abbey Life Uncovered
28 September 2017Auditions: Murder in the Cathedral
24 September 2017Community Harvest Supper
25 June 2017Patronal Festival 2017
22 June 2017Circle of Life Flower Festival
01 October 2016Make More Noise: Suffragettes in Silent Film
16 April 2016Seasons of Love
24 February 2016Croome Lecture 2016
06 February 2016Cirencester Commemorates: Timeline update
25 February 2015Croome Lecture
07 November 2014A Night at the Cinema in 1914
31 October 2014First World War timeline in Cirencester Parish Church

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2018 Croome Lecture Cirencester: the Development of a Cotswold Town Monday 26 February 2018

Christopher Catling, Secretary (Chief Executive) RCAHM Wales and Dr Richard Reece, a pre-eminent archaeologist and numismatist.
7.30pm at the Parish Church

Entrance is free