Friends of Cirencester Parish Church

The Friends of Cirencester Parish Church is a charity dedicated to the care of St John Baptist, the largest parish church in Gloucestershire. It has been a place of worship for well over 1000 years and we are proud to play our part in its future.

Since our foundation in 1976 we have contributed and allocated over £1,600,000 to a variety of projects.

We work closely with the Parochial Church Council to make sure our funds are used in the areas of greatest need. Future projects are likely to include cleaning of the interior of the church, the relighting of the whole building and further work on the ancient exterior stonework.

The buildings we care for are important to us and to our community. As well as being places of beauty, peace and spirituality they play an important social and pastoral role in the life of the town.

Our thanks to Syd Mathews LRPS for all of the banners and the beautiful photographs in the Gallery.

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